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Living Office transforms the workplace into a powerful asset of creativity and productivity.

Living Office is founded on the belief that human-centered design delivers a more natural and desirable experience of work for people and fuels greater outcomes for organizations.

Through our partnership with Herman Miller, we offer insights for creating high-performing workplaces that harness people's natural motivations and compel them to produce their best work. Living Office generates greater connections, creativity, and productivity and brings organizations' strategies to life.

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Work has changed. Most offices haven't.

Tomorrow's workspaces need to flex to fit changing work styles. In partnership with Herman Miller, we are collaborating with leading thinkers and designers to apply a greater understanding of how people work.

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Whether the goal is to attract and retain talented individuals, stimulate innovation, or improve any number of outcomes, Living Office provides individuals with a connection to work and colleagues; a platform for increased productivity and effectiveness; and a more naturally human experience of interaction and creation.

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