BRC Group

Exceed customer needs through exceptional service, design, customization and value in a sustainable way.

Tailored products: From obscure designer requests to simply trying to be better, BRC provides creative and innovative customized solutions to complement any environment and use. Flexible manufacturing offers the ability for BRC to respond to client’s special custom needs rather than having standard catalogue solutions. A wide collection of textiles, laminate finishes and wood veneer allows companies and individuals to express their brand and culture through a unique signature look

Design and production in a sustainable way: BRC is a forerunner in blending environmental initiatives with the manufacturing of renewable and recyclable products. BRC uses materials and manufacturing processes which reduce Volatile Chemical (VOC) emissions in the office environment. All raw materials are both regionally sourced, assuring that only the best raw materials are converted to finished goods. BRC is committed to developing and offering the best-value products for the middle and higher end markets.

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