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Delivery and Installation Services

Our attention to detail sets us apart.

We can service any client, no matter how big, small or complicated the task or project, because we maintain our own resources, like warehousing, trucking, trained installers, and tools.

Our service department ensures that all products from multiple sources are shipped to our warehouse prior to your installation date and consolidated for a single delivery to our client. Our scheduling flexibility ensures the least possible amount of interruption for your employees. You must be completely satisfied with the condition of your new workplace before our job is finished.

  • We are able to install furniture from any manufacturer.
  • We have regional and national delivery options.
  • We process all paperwork, including freight claims when necessary.
  • Furnishings are inspected and logged into inventory when they arrive at our warehouse.
  • We confirm the readiness of the delivery/installation site.
  • A single crew is dedicated to each job.
  • We stage, install, and level all furnishings.
  • Trash and packing materials are removed and new furniture is wiped down before we leave.